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Hidden: An Exhibition by Graphics Communication students at Bath School of Art and Design

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Posted on 25th February 2011

Private View / Party

The Old AV Shop, Bath.

23rd February.


Firstly, The Old AV shop is a great little spot for exhibitions, unassuming and lots of potential to do what you like to walls, ceilings and floors. There is loads of space like this in Bristol, but not in Bath, so this is a real little treasure.

The theme of the exhibition Hidden includes varying takes on the idea and is realised by these evidently talented, hard working students. The white room is filled with expertly produced screen prints, photographs, zines, drawings, video and projections.

Work ranges from a bold and energising piece by Tess Redburn, a colourful appliqué patchwork wall hanging of famous artist's faces such as; Frida Kahlo, Bruce Nauman amongst others. To the rather sensual, tactile pin drawings - with light bulb hanging behind - by Lydia Burgess.

Work that is the result of an experience or journey like the thoughtful, contemplative collection of prints in the book displayed by Naomi Wood set right next to the absurd, humorous insanity experienced by Callum Robey who spent 48 hours in a cupboard and drew the results in stark black and white; My best friends are plaster crack faces!

Ed Seymour, Jonny Esgate, Anna Serocold and Doops Dunk have explored more literal visual codes derived from codes from outside art directly; Ed's Nato Alphabet in which he recorded the vocal sound waves of the old 1918 and current versions of Alpha, Beta, Charlie, which he turned into a waveform alphabet screen-print. Anna Serocold printed a biography about her uncle who worked in intelligence and was the head of MI6 and made Morse Code biscuits - destroying the evidence!

There is so much to mention about this exhibition, the hilarious projection of Jambon for Men by Scott Parkin, more political slants by Caitlin Ashton and Tom Hume, this review probably doesn't do it justice. Get along to have a look and maybe pick up a cheap print from a future star, it's that good!


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