Dan Owen

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As a young boy Dan grew up overlooking fields, making fires, building dens and enjoying life in the country.

Dan did not particularly enjoy school and took to the guitar at the age of 9. Through music, Dan found that he could express himself, and his affinity with the guitar started when introduced to the Blues by his teacher, Richard Pharo. Dan’s guitar skill and understanding of the Blues continued to develop through his school years, playing in various bands and as part of a duo supporting his older sister Claire on open mic nights around the county.

When Dan left school he undertook a joinery apprenticeship with the ambition of becoming a professional guitar maker. Unfortunately, this was cut short following a tragic accident in the workshop involving his eye. Although no cosmetic signs remain, he suffered severe damage to the retina resulting in continued deterioration of his sight. Dan now looks back at this as a pivotal moment. It was to alter the course of his life permanently.

After seeking solace in the Blues to deal with the aftermath of his accident, Dan decided he would pick himself up and embark upon a full-time music career. The support from his family, along with the encouragement of local musicians and manager Tony Skeggs, spurred Dan on to broaden his horizons and experiment with singing. To the astonishment of himself and others, a voice emerged which has resulted in the label 'Blues Boy Dan'.

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