Putting The Band Back Together

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What we say:

This is a show about friendship and about how, if we can, we find the things we used to love again. Annie’s (director) inspiration for the show comes from the passing of her good friend who when finding out they had terminal cancer decided the only thing they wanted to do was to put their old band back together.

This is a show that will make you feel moved, happy, elated, and give you that push to get home and rediscover the things that you used to love.

What they say:

Across the UK there are thousands of guitars propped up in bedrooms that haven’t been strummed in years. Voices only heard in the shower. Drum kits taking up too much space in garages. Well, it’s time to blow off the dust. We’re putting the band back together! Part riotous gig, part tender storytelling, Ross Millard (The Futureheads), Maria Crocker (The Letter Room) and Alex Elliott (Northern Stage) reveal the epic emotions within people’s relationships with music.

Join the House Band

Every show of Putting The Band Back Together features a House Band of local people, joining the performers to play live on-stage. The performers (Ross Millard, Maria Crocker, Alex Elliott) will teach songs and music at the pre-show workshop (5pm at Trinity).

No audition, all skill levels welcome - if you want to join you're in!

If you want to take part email sarahb@3ca.org.uk or if you have any questions (or don't have an instrument) email band@unfoldingtheatre.co.uk

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