Latin: Salsa, Mariachi, Afro-Cuban

Tom Berge's Cuban Nights

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Gifted young pianist Tom Berge plays Wednesdays in a trio format with frequent guest musicians. The trio for this Latin excursion is anchored by Ivan Moreño, a brilliant percussionist much in demand throughout the Southwest. The double bassist is often the equally brilliant Tosh Wijetunge, well schooled in the intricacies of Latin music as well as jazz. It is a real treat to see this rhythm section, and Tom Berge is a terrific pianist who has smoothly incorporated Latinisms into his extensive jazz vocabulary. There will be frequent guests, horn and guitar players and there may be players depping for Ivan or Tosh but. rest assured, they will be of a very high quality.

This is not your usual 'restaurant jazz,' this is high quality Latin jazz played by many of the best musicians in the Southwest in a lovely, comfy environment with a fine bar.

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